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Football Canada was initially established February 7, 1884. It was known as the Canadian Rugby Football Union (CRFU) with the specific purpose of organizing play-off games between various union champions. From this modest beginning, the role and associated objectives of the CRFU grew and changed significantly as it developed into the National Governing Body of all Canadian amateur football.

On December 19, 1891, the CRFU was reorganized and the Canadian Rugby Union (CRU) was formed.
Furthermore, it was to this organization, in 1909, that Lord Earl Grey, then Governor-General of Canada, entrusted a trophy to be awarded for the Rugby Football Championships of Canada….THE GREY CUP. In 1966, the trusteeship of the Grey Cup was turned over by the CRU to the CFL.
On January 1, 1967, a legally constituted body designated as the Canadian Amateur Football Association (CAFA) became the successor to the CRU.
In 1986, CAFA adopted the marketing name Football Canada to better reflect its heritage image and carry out its national mission.

Football Canada, in 2004, became a full member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF), which is a full member with the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

Our sincere gratitude to the following Canadian Football historians and authors, for contributing the following articles, which have been superbly and passionately researched and written.
Dr. Frank Cosentino
Dr. Cosentino spent ten years as a quarterback with the Canadian Football League–seven years with Hamilton, two with Edmonton and one with Toronto. After receiving an M.A. from the University of Alberta, he became an Assistant Professor and Head Football Coach at the University of Western Ontario. In 1973, he received a Ph.D. and went to York University as a Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Athletics, later becoming Chairman and Director of Physical Education.
He has authored several books on Canadian sports, including Canadian Football: The Grey Cup Years of Sport in Canada (1989).
Robert Sproule
Historian and researcher for the Canadian Football League, Canadian Junior Football League and the Toronto Argonauts.
Contributor to the Professional Football Researchers Association.

Ian Speers
B.A. (University of Toronto, 2002)
LL. B. (Queen’s University, 2005)
Sport Information Department at University of Toronto and Queen’s University
Historian and researcher of 19th century Canadian football history.

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