Awards & Recognition

Gino Fracas Award

Volunteer coaches are instrumental and indispensable to the success of CIS football programs.

Football Canada realizes the depth of this commitment and the important role of the volunteer coach in the CIS. To this end, Football Canada, in conjunction with the CIS and the Vanier Cup Managing Committee, present the Gino Fracas Award to the country’s top Volunteer CIS Assistant Coach. The award is so named to recognize the many contributions Gino Fracas has made to the game of football and the great number of his assistants who have gone on to full-time employment in the CIS.


2016 – Phil Roberts, Queen’s University

2015 – Tom Norwell, York University

2014 – Rick Seaman, University of Regina

2013 – Joe Taplin, Saint Mary’s University

2012 – Ed Carleton, University of Saskatchewan

2011 – Brian Cluff, University of Guelph

2010 – Larry Stewart, Acadia Axemen

2009 – Pierre Levebvre, University of Calgary

2008 – Terry Chisholm, St. Francis Xavier

2007 – Wayne Harris Jr., University of Calgary

2006 – Nigel Wilson, University of Western Ontario

2005 – Richard Urbanovich, University of Manitoba

2004 – Ross Lemke, Université de Montréal

2003 – Rob Dalley, Wilfrid Laurier University

2002 – Barry Radcliffe, University of Saskatchewan

2001 – Frank Gesztesi, McMaster University

2000 – Kevin Artichuk, St. Francis Xavier University

1999 – John Belmont, University of Alberta

1998 – Mark Forsyth, McMaster University

1997 – Rita Sue Bolton, Queen’s University

1996 – Peter Regimbald, Concordia University

1995 – Gary Kirchner, McGill University

1994 – Bill Miklas, Queen’s University

1993 – Bob Mullen, Queen’s University

1992 – Doug Smith, University of Toronto

1991 – Clarke Samways, University of Western Ontario

1990 – John MacNeil, Mount Allison University

1989 – Phil Hughes, St. Francis Xavier University

1988 – Morgan Clark, University of Windsor


Tom Cheney Award

The Tom Cheney Award was named after the late Tom Cheney, Football official and educator, a member of the Calgary Football Officials’ Association, a field official in all levels of football from minor league to CFL, an original member of the Officials’ Working Committee and the Editor of the Football Canada Officials’ Training Manual.

His coordination of the material for the Manual was responsible for the excellence of that manual, which is respectfully dedicated to Tom.

After his death, in 1977, the CFOA executive purchased a trophy named for Tom. In view of his long years of dedicated service to the improvement of officiating, it was decided that the trophy would be awarded bi-annually to the person who most nearly approached the Cheney level. The Award is, therefore, given for

outstanding contribution and service toward the improvement of football officiating in Canada.

It is fairly obvious that such a contribution and such service will be built up over a number of years – although this does not preclude an outstanding effort in a single year. At the same time, the performance should be within the reasonably recent past – say the last 10 years, rather than something which happened 30 years ago. Once again, there should be enough flexibility in the decision making process to allow for variations in recommendations.

The type of criteria by which such outstanding contributions may be evaluated will probably include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

Executive-type position on local, provincial or national officials’ association, where the effect of his/her leadership has moved the association forward in officiating competency.

Clinician on local, provincial or national clinics, where the knowledge and ability to impart the knowledge to other officials has produced a marked improvement in officiating competency.

Organizer of clinics, meetings, or other educational forums whose purpose is to improve officiating competency.

Developer of educational material, such as rule material, case book material, manual material, teaching and instructional techniques, visual aid Material, or any other type of instructional material, on a local, provincial, or national basis, whose purpose is to improve officiating competency.

Evaluator of officiating performance at the local, provincial or national level, where the result of such evaluations and constructive criticism has produced a noticeable improvement in officiating competency.

Field official work: while it is not necessary that the person be an outstanding field official, it is probable that the person would be a competent field official. The fact that the person is an outstanding field official only, without some or all of the capabilities covered in 1 to 5, would not normally make the person a candidate for the Tom Cheney Award.

In making the final selection, the CFOA executive should be provided with as much supporting data as possible as evidence of the contribution and service of the individual recommended. Concrete results, e.g. publications, number of clinics held, number of officials trained, etc., should also be provided as evidence of the effectiveness of the contribution.


2018 –

2016 – Ken Picot, Regina

2014 – Michael “Mike” Groleau, Hamilton

2012 – Walter Barry, Montreal

2010 – Jack Anderson, Moncton

2008 – Ron Hallock, Winnipeg

2006 – Murray Taylor, Toronto

2004 – Vern Heath, Calgary

2002 – Jack Leitch, Toronto

2000 – Ron Walsh, Saskatoon

1998 – Bill Glendinning, Moncton

1996 – Don Kent, Regina

1994 – Bernie Young, Montreal

1992 – Dave Shields, Ottawa

1990 – Ken Green, Toronto

1988 – Tip Logan, Hamilton

1986 – Harold Ferguson, Edmonton

1984 – Jacques Decarrie, Montreal

1982 – Bob Turnbull, Winnipeg

1980 – Wayne Fleming, Edmonton

1978 – Jack Gurney, Ottawa

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