The reputation and integrity of Football Canada is maintained when all members act, and are seen to act, in a way which is of the highest standard of professional ethics.

This Code applies to all Football Canada members and employees: it is intended to help, not hinder the organization’s activities by clarifying our standards of conduct. We believe these standards reflect those of the Canadian public and members of the “Association” expect of amateur sport and of a National Sport Federation.

Football Canada wishes to maintain a strong reputation for its integrity and, as an organization and business associate, be valued at all levels. Ultimately, our value is reflected in the pride we have in what we do, in the successful achievement of our mission and the willingness of others to work with us in that regard. Our reputation as an ethical NSF is an essential part of what will make us successful.

It is expected that all Ordinary Members (both organizationally and personally) will implement and support the Football Canada Codes of Ethics and Conduct, Policies and Procedures, and as necessary adapted these Codes, Policies and Procedures to reflect the uniqueness of their respective organizations. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that instills trust and confidence in the “Association”.

Football Canada asks each Ordinary Member to file copies of their Codes of Ethics and Conduct, Policies and Procedures with the National Office in order to ensure complete understanding of the manner in which the “Associations” conduct their business.

Football Canada is a large organization with various organizational structures and distinct areas of responsibilities. To this end, a series of Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct, Policies and Procedures have been developed to guide the membership both organizationally and individually in the performance of their duties and activities. The Codes of Ethics and Conduct are listed as the conclusion of this document.

Expectations for Fairness in Sports

Football Canada endorses the 2001 Federal-Provincial / Territorial Sports Ministers’ vision regarding “Expectations for Fairness in Sports”. In doing so, Football Canada is committed to the vision that is based on the following principles:

  1. There be a firm and public commitment to the principle that lasting and meaningful athletic performance can only be achieved through fair means.
  2. Participants in sport and physical activity will do so in a manner that adheres to the highest ethical principles.
  3. Those who participate in sport will receive from their fellow athletes, coaches and officials, and parents/guardians and spectators, fairness and ethical treatment in a safe and welcoming sport environment, free of harassment and abuse.
  4. Their sport system will help to advance the widest array of athletic goals of all participants, with or without disability, without discrimination and in spite of barriers based on personal circumstances.
  5. Spectators to sport events can witness the activities without being subjected to abuse, interference or violence from others.
  6. Coaches will be appropriately valued by their athletes, and their athletes’ parents/guardians and supporters, that they will receive fair treatment and respect for their valuable contribution to sport, and that they will be free of harassment and threats of violence under any circumstance.
  7. Sport officials will not be interfered with in the execution of their duties and will be respected for their decisions by athletes, coaches, parents/guardians and spectators.
  8. Sport volunteers will be respected and recognized for their efforts to make sport participation possible and rewarding for athletes of all ages.
  9. Parents/guardians are assured that their cchildren participating in sport will receive fair treatment from coaches, volunteers and spectators.
  10. The sport system will provide just treatment in cases of disputes in sport and that there are proper and accessible mechanisms that are available in a timely manner to resolve disputed issues through due process.
  11. Athletes, coaches and team officials representing Canada in the international sport arena will conduct themselves, in both victory and defeat, in a manner that brings pride to all.
  12. Sport organizations in receipt of public funding, will be fully accountable for the use of such resources and will be transparent and democratic in their organizational life.

Code of Ethics

Football Canada’s Code of Ethics and Codes of Conduct are grounded in the following principles:


The principle of respect challenges members to act in a manner respectful of the dignity of all participants in sport regardless of their connection to the sport. Fundamental to this principle is the basic assumption that each person has value and is worthy of respect.


The principle of responsible action carries the basic ethical expectation that the activities of members will benefit society in general and participants in particular and will do no harm. Fundamental to the implementation of this principle is the notion that each member is responsible and the consequences of their actions or inactions.


Integrity means that members are expected to be honest, sincere, and honourable in their relationships with others. Acting on these values is most possible when members possess a high degree of self-awareness and the ability to reflect critically on how their perspectives influence their interactions with others.


The principle of honouring sport in general and football in particular challenges members to recognize, act on, and promote the value of football for individuals and teams and for society in general.

Code of Ethics (PDF)


Football Canada Code of Professional Conduct

Football Canada’s Code of Professional Conduct is more than simply a set of behaviours for people within the organization; it reflects the ideals and values of the organization, as well as its commitment to uphold those values as part of what makes the organization what it is. It is therefore part of Football Canada’s Code of Conduct, that can be applied to any particular situation, by asking the questions: “what is the right thing to do, and how do we avoid doing the wrong thing?”

As part of our “Association’s” philosophy, Football Canada believes its work is first and foremost in the interest of the participant and the athlete. Our ethical rationale for promoting ethical conduct in sport is founded on the belief that sport is for the benefit of all Canadians, and that the pursuit of sporting excellence is a function of our collective pursuit of the human potential. As the National Sport Federation (NSF) Football Canada is a promoter of sport values and ethics (through football), and as such should lead by example as an “Association” committed to the highest order of professionalism and public scrutiny. The membership whether paid staff or volunteers and regardless of their duties and responsibilities is called upon to conduct themselves with integrity, be fair and honest in our dealings with others, and treat others with respect and dignity. The following is Football Canada Code of Professional Conduct:

  • Football Canada members and employees are responsible for their actions and accountable for the consequences of their actions or inactions.
  • At all times, Football Canada members and employees will act in a manner that encourages and maintains confidence among athletes, sport organizations and the public, in the integrity of the organization and its people.
  • The Football Canada will conduct its relations with, and discharge its duties to, other organizations, clients, the public and media with ethics and fairness. All business dealings must be conducted in a fair and honest manner, both within the spirit and the letter of agreements, policies and legal requirements. All persons should be treated with respect, tact and courtesy in all dealings with the “Association”.
  • All communications with clients, whether oral or written, must be conducted in a professional manner, and should be delivered in a timely, accurate and clear manner.
  • Football Canada members and employees must not be in a conflict of interest or permit any influence that could conflict with the best interest of the “Association” or prejudice the “Association’s” reputation. Disclosure in writing is required for any Football Canada member or employee associated with, employed by, performing services for or with a financial interest in any other corporation, body or enterprise doing business with or seeking to do business with the Football Canada.
  • Confidentiality of personal and sensitive information must be respected. Football Canada will develop, implement, maintain and enforce reasonable policies and procedures to ensure confidentiality and safeguard confidential information.
  • All methods of seeking and obtaining financial support for Football Canada activities must be carried out in a manner consistent with maintaining membership and public confidence in, and respect for, the “Association”, its authority on matters of ethics in sport and its independence from vested interests.
  • Football Canada must use its resources (including human and material resources, funds, equipment and information) responsibly and in the best interests of all its members, the public and the “Association”.
  • Any complaint received concerning Football Canada must be handled professionally, promptly and courteously, with a written reply if requested, and a written record maintained.
  • Football Canada must conduct its affairs in an open manner that welcomes public scrutiny as a necessary and beneficial aspect of an effective ethics in sport organization and credible ethics in sport programs and policies. Football Canada supports public disclosure of information and will not withhold any information about itself and/or its activities unless there is justifiable reason to do so, such reason(s) being itself open to public scrutiny.

Athlete-Centred Conduct

With respect to its relations with athletes, Football Canada will:

  • Show respect and regard for the interests and goals of athletes;
  • Act on the belief that the athlete as a person is more important than the sport;
  • Demonstrate a responsiveness to individual needs and situations;
  • Engage in practices that maintain and enhance the ethic of care for self and others;
  • Carry out its activities in a manner, which demonstrates concern for the health, well-being, protection and enhancement of all athletes.
  • Encourage and respect individual responsibility in developing ethical ideals through moral reflection, moral dialogue and moral practices in sport.

Football Canada should consistently demonstrate an ethic of care, where we are watchful for and sensitive to the needs of athletes as people and not just as performers of sport. Our conduct should therefore ensure that athletes have the best possible experience when dealing with the “Association”, as measured by their satisfaction and expressed confidence in the integrity of Football Canada and its member associations.


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