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Elite Training Manual

Football is a sport that demands strength, power, speed and quickness. Physical size and physical ability play an important role in determining an athlete’s success in football, and therefore, dictates a focus on preparatory training programs. By opening the pages of this manual, you are looking to maximize your training for:

Size, Power, Speed and Quickness.

Training for the game of football is a complex adventure. With so many different innovations in the way physical preparation is conducted, it is no wonder that the young players of today are often overwhelmed and confused about proper training methods. Conditioning is not a short term process made easy by short cuts. It is in fact a continuous effort which demands year-round commitment.

The purpose of the CIS Football Training Manual is to help establish a basic understanding, and skill set that will help the high school age football player develop each required component of fitness in a safe, and drug free way.

This manual which is endorsed by the Canadian Universities Football Coaches Association (CUFCA) reflects not only the necessity for constant development, but also the need for the “complete” athlete. If used correctly, this program will highlight ways to develop one’s size, speed, strength, power and agility. It is another resource the coaches of CIS Football can advocate in hope of improving our game.

All football coaches in the CIS hope that this manual will help you prepare for the next stage in your football career and we wish you all the success in that great adventure.

Pat Sheahan
Canadian Universities Football Coaches Association

Download the Manual by Chapter



Chapter 1

If You’re Staying the Same … You’re Falling Behind

Chapter 2

Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Better

Chapter 3

Training Program Components — Reaching Your Full Potential Drug Free!

Chapter 4

The Program — Step by Step

Chapter 5

Nutrition for Optimium Performance

Chapter 6

The Winning Edge

Chapter 7

Game Day Preperations


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