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The Women in Football portfolio is being created to identify the various development areas that require focus in order to increase female participation in football across Canada at all levels- as athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers and in all disciplines: Tackle, Flag and Touch.

Women’s Flag Competitions

April 17-19, 2010 in Hamilton, Ontario: Flag Football Senior Team Identification

Tournament information and registration will be posted here in November, 2009.

August 11-16, 2010: Women’s National Flag Team to play in World Flag Football Championship.

August 2013: Women’s National Flag Team won gold at IFAF Flag Football World Championship in Italy.

Girls’ Flag Competitions

The annual Flag Football National Championships host female teams in both the under-16 and under-18 age divisions.

August 14-18, 2010: Age Division Championships in Ottawa, Ontario. Girls’ provincial team championships will attend the invitational.

August 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario

August 2012 in Burlington, Ontario

August 2013 in Regina, Saskatchewan

July 25-27, 2014 in Charlottetown, PEI

Senior Women’s National Championship

August 2012 at College Letendre in Laval, Quebec: Senior National Challenge Cup

August 2015: Senior Women’s National Championship

Women’s Tackle Competitions

June 26-July 4, 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden: IFAF Women’s World (Tackle) Championships.

June 30-July 6, 2013 in Vantaa, Finland: IFAF Women’s World (Tackle) Championships

June/July 2017: IFAF Women’s World (Tackle) Championships

Training and Development

Football Canada and provincial football organizations offer development clinics for girls and women to learn to play or to further skills. As an active for life sport, clinics engage participants to have fun while improving physical, mental awareness to allow for long term play in competitive or recreational environments.

Female Football is developing in Canada and around the globe.

Girl’s and Women’s Sport Links

In 2004 the New Brunswick Women’s Football league began. That year, the league consisted of only two teams. The Lady Gladiators and the Saint John team then called the Simonds Seagals.

In 2005 the season started off with 4 teams, with the addition of the Moncton Vipers and another team form St. John. Unfortunately low numbers and early injuries plagued both St. John teams forcing them to amalgamate and the bulk of the season was played with 3 teams.

In 2006, Halifax, Nova Scotia, came on board bringing the numbers back to four. This also caused a name change from the NBWFL to the Maritime Women’s Football League.

With many obstacles to overcome the growth of the league was slow and at times discouraging. New teams needed enough money to buy all new equipment, or share with teams. Also recruitment of new players has been a challenge. Many of the new recruits have never played before, or for that matter never watched a game.

The league now has implemented Football Canada’s Junior Player Development Program as a development process so that the girls come up through a system.

Following the 2010 IFAF (Senior) Women’s World Championship in Sweden, the Western Women’s Football League was established in the spring of 2011.

There is a sense of pride as the league continues to grow and develop and more importantly that it gives the opportunity for girls to play tackle football.

Various leagues and teams dedicated to Women’s tackle football are being formed across the country. For more insight, visit the following links

Girls Tackle Football

Manitoba Girls Football Association

Junior Girls Football League (New Brunswick)

Senior Women’s Tackle Football 

Maritime Women’s Football League

Western Women’s Canadian Football League (WWCFL)

Montreal Blitz

Women are also getting involved in other areas of football, including Touch and Flag Football. In 2008, Canada hosted the 4th IFAF Flag Football World Championships where the Women’s Senior National Team brought home silver in their first international competition.


For more information about Women in Football, please contact JF Lefebvre, by email at or by phone at 613-564-0003 x228


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