Football Canada x Officially Human Survey

by swoloshin

Football Canada has paired with Officially Human to help create and deliver a nationwide survey that aims to nail down some of the problems around the officiating landscape. The survey is aimed towards current football officials and officials who have stopped officiating within the last ~5 years to help paint an accurate picture as to what is currently happening in our ecosystem.


Please take a moment to fill out this survey yourself and pass it along to another official. The more officials that complete this survey, the more accurate we can be with our findings. It doesn’t matter if you officiate Touch football for a local school league or Tackle football with the CJFL- we want your voice heard!

Who is Officially Human?

Officially Human is an organization that aims to give officials the most basic of rights while they are at work: RESPECT. They had run a survey of their own for sport officials in the United States in 2020 and found some very interesting results. Check out those results HERE. While this information is fantastic, we wanted something that was specific to FOOTBALL and to CANADA to ensure our results were as accurate as possible. We teamed up with them in order to make sure we started on the right foot with our survey.

They are active on their social media channels- we recommend following along on their journey as they aim to help aid the officiating landscape:

Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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