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Nationwide hiring process underway with recruitment consultant


OTTAWA and VANCOUVER – Football Canada proudly announces the appointment of former CFL Vice-President Kevin McDonald to lead the executive operations of the organization as the Interim Managing Director. The Ontario native brings over two decades of high-level football and sports administration experience to Football Canada.

McDonald is contracted to the post while the Association conducts an independent nationwide search for an Executive Director and Business Operations Director through the summer. He is looking forward to getting back to the gridiron.

“I am looking forward to reconnecting with football and the passionate people who devote their time and energy to making the game better,” McDonald said.

“As the organization transitions to a new leadership model, it’s important that there be support for the Board, staff, membership and participants in delivering the day-to-day operations as we head into a busy summer season,” McDonald said.

The determination to contact McDonald was an easy one for Football Canada according to President, Jim Mullin.

“We could not have found a better person for this role than Kevin McDonald,” Mullin said.

“Kevin brings an unparalleled wealth of experience to the executive leadership position of Football Canada as we continue our executive transition,” Mullin said. “It was imperative that we create winning conditions for our sport and athletes to stabilize our operations with a knowledgeable, objective, steady hand.” Mullin continued.

As Vice President of Football Operations at the Canadian Football League, Kevin’s work comprehensively intersected with all the crucial issues the sport faces moving forward, and his experiences will provide strong leadership and support for the team over the next six months.

The appointment of Mr. McDonald allows Football Canada to pursue the best executives for leadership positions through an independent and transparent hiring process, ratified by the Board on March 18. Toronto-based Kelvin Shaw of KS Consulting and our counsel Low Murchison Radnoff LLP will conduct a national search for the top talent for executive director and director of business operations. Mr. Shaw brings 15 years of experience in recruiting consultation, especially in the non-profit sector.

Mr. Kelvin Shaw, KS Consulting

“I specialize in performance-based recruitment,” Shaw said of his recruiting process.

“This means that I just don’t fill roles, but I find the right people for the right roles,” Shaw said.

Commencing this week, Mr. Shaw will connect with stakeholders to gauge feedback regarding leadership.

The process ensures that recruiting and evaluation are independent, aligned with Football Canada’s Code of Conduct & Ethics, and have integrity at their core. A universal rubric will guide candidate evaluations, with findings to be presented to the Board after the process.

“I’ve had individuals from inside and outside our Association inquire about paid executive leadership positions at Football Canada. The way we are proceeding ensures a hiring process free of personal relationships, conflict of interest, or outside influence,” Mullin said.

“It may seem elementary, but I firmly believe that our football community expects the highest standard of ethical conduct throughout the hiring process. This path ensures that the best possible candidates lead the organization without undue influence or bias,” Mullin said.

Individuals who would like to apply for either position at Football Canada may do so by emailing Mr. Shaw at [email protected]. Further details will be made available through the Football Canada website.

With the hiring of Mr. McDonald, the recruiting and vetting process can take the time required to produce final candidates.

Operational authority for day-to-day Football Canada business will rest with Mr. McDonald as the lead executive, with Board of Directors support as Football Canada looks forward to an exciting summer of football, including the hosting of four National Tackle Championships and the 2024 IFAF World Junior Championships in Edmonton, and a full slate of flag events closing the competition season with our national teams at the 2024 IFAF World Flag Championships in Lahti, Finland in August.

For More Information, please contact:

Jim Mullin,
President Football Canada
E: [email protected]

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