First Down Program

Children are introduced to FUNdamental movement skills (e.g. jumping, catching, throwing) through activities and games. Boys and girls ages 4-7 (U6, U8).


The First Down Program curriculum consists of eight one-hour sessions. The sessions develop fundamental movement skills like running, throwing, catching and kicking among children under the age of eight. The program incorporates football related movements, activities, and skills to help build physical literacy.


Football Canada’s First Down Program helps get kids under the age of eight moving and active while having fun. The goal is to help develop their movement abilities and foster further participation in physical activity or sport.

  • Opportunity to introduce young athletes to football in a safe environment, low cost and low barrier to entry
  • Opportunity to educate your volunteers in delivery of youth programming
  • Opportunity to create good community relations
  • Opportunity to involve parents are volunteers
  1. Find or train a Community Sport Leader
    • Football Canada’s Community Sport Leaders are experts in the community who help in the delivery of Football Canada’s programs. Their role is to manage the coaches and the volunteers during the events and also deliver the Football Canada’s NCCP Community Sport module. By doing so, they will actively help create an environment focused on fun, safety and development to our grassroots athletes.
  2. Connect with Football Canada to receive 1st Down program materials
  3. Promote your program
  4. Order Apparel
    • Connect with Football Canada to get 1st Down logo
  5. Delivery Program
  6. Send photos and feedback to Football Canada

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