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Football Canada has partnered with Human Kinetics Publishing Company to bring Football related educational resources to its members.

Our partnership program with Human Kinetics Publishing Company will provide the opportunity for individuals to conveniently access resource material, which might otherwise not be available.

In return for promoting Human Kinetics books, videos and CD-ROM resources, Football Canada will receive a portion of the price of each order placed through the National Office. Proceeds from the sale of educational resources sold by Football Canada will be invested back into amateur football at both the national and provincial level.

How It Will Work

The partnership program will work this way:

  • Human Kinetics will provide Football Canada with a list and description of Football Related resources.
  • Individuals and associations, clubs etc. that wish to order a Human Kinetics item will simply do so through the National Office. See the ordering and financial details that follow.
  • Once the order has been placed at Football Canada, the National Office will wire Human Kinetics to confirm that the ordered items are available, to confirm the price and shipping and handling charges. The National Office will contact the purchaser to confirm the details of the order and finalize the method of payment.
  • Once payment has been received, the order will be placed with Human Kinetics. The order will be shipped directly from the Human Kinetics Canadian Office to the address the purchaser provided. Under normal conditions, the book should reach you within two to three weeks.


1) Why Should I Place my Order Through Football Canada and Not Directly Through Human Kinetics?

By placing your order with Football Canada, you will help benefit Amateur Football within your province. Proceeds from the sale of educational resources sold by Football Canada will be invested back into Amateur football at both the national and provincial level.

2) Who can order through this program?

Anyone can order through this program.

3) How Do I Place My Order?

To order contact our Administrative Coordinator by email

Upon receipt of your order, Football Canada will confirm the availability of the items that you want, with Human Kinetics. Football Canada will contact you to confirm your order, indicate the total charges and finalize the method of payment.

4) How Much Will I Pay For This Service?

You will be charged the retail price of the item, as indicated in the Human Kinetics Catalogue and /or the Football Canada Resource Brochure, or any special offers that might from time to time be made available.

In addition, you will pay a shipping and handling fee, plus applicable taxes. All funds will be paid in Canadian Dollars

5) When Do I Pay For My Order?

You will be required to pay for your order, when Football Canada confirms your order and costs with you.

6) How Do I Pay For My Order?

The most expeditious way to pay for your order is by credit card. Football Canada offers VISA and Mastercard service. To make payments via your credit card, either complete the payment section on the order form or Football Canada will contact you to obtain the appropriate information… this is usually done by phone. Once credit authorization is obtained, Football Canada will place your order promptly with Human Kinetics.

However, other means of payment are available, such as certified cheques and money orders. This obviously is a little slower than credit cards because payment must be received before the order will be placed. Personal cheques is also an option, however, this method of payment will be slower again, as the order will not be placed until the cheque has cleared your bank.

7) How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

Upon receipt of your payment, Football Canada will, within two working days place your order with Human Kinetics (Canada). In turn, Human Kinetics will, within three working, days courier your order to you. Barring any unforeseen delays, your order should reach you within 6-8 working days.

8) How Will I Receive My Order?

You will receive your order via courier service, directly from Human Kinetics Canada.

9) What Is Human Kinetics and Football Canada’s Return Policy?

Human Kinetics has a 30-day return policy from date of shipment on printed material. Videos and CD-ROMs can only be returned if they are unopened. Shipping costs for returned items are at the purchaser’s expense. If you decide to return an item please inform Football Canada by providing all pertinent details.

10) How Do I Get My Money Back If I return My Order?

Once Human Kinetics credits Football Canada for your returned item(s), Football Canada will contact you to determine the method of refund and refund action will be promptly taken.

Administrative Coordinator
Phone: 613-564-0003 ext. 221
Fax: 613-564-6309

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