6-A-Side Football

Football Canada is proud to promote 6-A-Side Football…”Half the number of players – Twice the athlete!”

The basics of 6-on-6 football are the same as traditional 12-on-12 football, aside from a few basic rule modifications. Benefits include:

  • Faster paced game
  • Exciting and Enjoyable
  • Teaches all of the football fundamentals of tackling, blocking, passing, catching and kicking
  • More 1 on 1 coaching
  • High participation – everyone touches the ball
  • Players are not regulated into one position
  • Promotes a more balanced football player
  • Cost effective – less equipment needed
  • Appeals to less populated areas
  • Attractive to smaller schools with limited enrollment – teams may dress as few as 15 players
  • Easy to organize
  • Encourages female participation and all girl’s leagues
  • Excellent form of physical activity
  • Develops life skills – cooperation, self discipline, self image

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