Touch Football

Played by participants of all ages, touch Football can be easily adapted for all ages and abilities. The only equipment needed is a football.

Touch is played 7aside on a 110 x 65 yard field in competitive leagues and smaller for recreational leagues and youth.

Touch History

Touch football in Canada began with the Montreal Touch Football League in 1958 and grew from a four team league in Montreal to structured leagues across eastern Canada.

In 1971 Football Canada established the first Touch Football Committee and organized fifteen new leagues in Ontario, Maritimes and British Columbia as part of the Canadian Touch Football Association.

In 1979, Football Canada added the discipline of Touch to its mandate of developing amateur football. Upon accepting governance of Touch, new committees were formed, including Rules, Officials and a Working committee all devoted solely to touch football.

The committees jointly administered the touch program and planned for events such as the Touch Bowl, which was established in 1970.

In 1987 it moved to Halifax and over 1,000 participants came together to reach for the Bowl.

Football Canada’s Touch Bowl dissolved after the 1994 tournament in Kelowna, BC, but the game has not died. On the contrary, Touch Football is played in great numbers throughout Canada. Many adult leagues run independently and annual events are as important as ever.

For more information about Touch Football, please contact your PSO.

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