Officials Training

Football Canada’s Long-Term Officials Development (LTOD) Model is the blueprint for officials development throughout the nation. It provides direction, for all football officials, both existing and aspiring, in the three football disciplines (tackle, flag, and touch) on the critical decisions that need to be made to reach their goals and full potential in their chosen discipline.

The philosophy and principles of LTOD leads us to a new way of thinking about our programs, a way that requires us to make appropriate changes to officials education, recruiting and retention programs, and education of the football community on the role of officials.

This model was created by bringing leaders and experts of the football officiating world together with Football Canada staff and stakeholders. It is the policy framework for the future development of Canadian Football officials by Football Canada, our provincial/territorial partners, clubs and stakeholders. Successful implementation of this document will result in a flourishing sport, with growth in the number of quality officials from coast to coast to coast.

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