Coach Coach Training

NCCP Certification Pathways & Requirements

A guide to understanding the pathways to NCCP success.

What Training do I need?

Check with your local league or provincial association around what coach certification they are expecting coaches to have.

If you are unsure, below is a general outline of how a lot of leagues operate. Use the list below with the PDF further down to get you on your way.

  1. Local Football Leagues & Associations (Tackle / Flag)
  2. High School Football
    • Competition Introduction (Position Coach, Coordinator, or Head Coach)
    • Football Safe Contact (Tackle only)
  3. High School+
    • Competition Development
    • Football Safe Contact (Tackle only)

Below is a list of all the training needed in order to become trained and certified at a specific level. Click on the hyperlinks to take you to the training. When there isn’t a hyperlink available, reach out to your PSO for more information about that training.

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