This is our hub to discover all the services and resources available to coaches across the country.



Whether you’re looking to coach at the community sport or high performance level, we have both non-contact and contact coaching pathways available to help you reach your coaching goals. Through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) we are able to provide standardized, safe, and inclusive coach education to coaches and educators.

Become A Coach

Are you thinking about coaching for the first time? Learn about the basics of coaching and then learn to run your first practice with Get Coaching!, our free online tutorials.

Coach Training

Already got the basics? Elevate your coaching game through further education and certification.


Learn about the proper protocol for equipment so your team can play in the safest way.

Educational Resources

A partnership with Human Kinetics Publishing Company has enabled us to bring football related educational resources to its members.


Football Canada’s LTAD model is a nine stage training, competition and recovery program that is based on developmental rather than chronological age.

Health & Safety

Discover everything about health and safety in football – from concussion awareness to performance enhancing drugs.

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