U18 Flag Football National Championship


Established in 2007, the Flag Football National Championships provides an opportunity for athletes to develop and work towards the Canadian Flag Football League (CFFL) and national team competition.

The format of the Football Canada Flag National Championship has changed over the years. Beginning in 2011, in accordance with the growth of flag football and the development of Football Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, the Flag Football National Championships modified its under-15 co-ed division to separate boys and girls under-16 divisions. The under- 16 (U16) divisions supplemented the pre-existing U18 divisions which were added in 2010. The 2013 edition of the flag nationals was composed of three divisions – male and female under-16 (U16) divisions in addition to a female under-18 (U18) division

In 2017, with the emergence of the U16 Regional Flag Challenge, Flag Nationals shifted to an Under-18 format featuring a male and female division.

Past Events & Results

Year & Location Division Winner Final Score Runner-Up
U18 Male Manitoba 20 – 19 British Columbia
U18 Female Saskatchewan 13 – 6 Québec
U18 Male British Columbia 45 – 25 Saskatchewan
U18 Female Saskatchewan 19 – 12 Québec
2016, Halifax, NS U20 Male Manitoba 25 – 19 British Columbia
U18 Male Nova Scotia 33 – 19 Ontario
U18 Female Manitoba 33 – 18 Saskatchewan
2014, Charlottetown, PEI
2013, Regina, SK
2012, Burlington, ON
2011, Halifax, NS
2010, Ottawa, ON

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