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Congratulations to all the players who have been nominated to the 2010 Football Canada Cup All-Star Team.


Offensive Line      Charles Vaillancourt      Team Quebec

Offensive Line      Alex Kurowski              Team Ontario West

Offensive Line      Ben Hodson                 Team Saskatchewan

Offensive Line      Mathieu Bouchard         Team Quebec

Offensive Line      Ryan Melvin                 Team BC

Receiver              Marshall Cook              Team BC

Receiver              Kurt Goodrich              Team Manitoba

Receiver              Duncan Coady             Team Nova Scotia

Receiver              Mitchell Thompson       Team Saskatchewan

Running Back      Guillaume L’Abbe         Team Quebec

Running Back      Taylor Flavel                Team Saskatchewan

Quarterback        Drew Burko                 Team Saskatchewan

Kicker                 Daniel Ferraro             Team Ontario West


Defensive Line        Jacob LeBlanc          Team Nova Scotia

Defensive Line        Jean-Francois Cyr     Team Quebec

Defensive Line        Christophe Mulumba Tshimanga  Team Quebec

Defensive Line        Jacques Geyer          Team Saskatchewan

Linebacker              D. J. Lalama            Team Manitoba

Linebacker              Peter Gray               Team Ontario West

Linebacker              Kurtis Gryba            Team Saskatchewan

Defensive Back        David Nsabua          Team Ontario East

Defensive Back        Anthony Beauchamps Freeza       Team Quebec

Defensive Back        Gabriel Gendreau     Team Quebec

Defensive Back        Dustin Payne           Team Saskatchewan

Defensive Back        Calvin Johnson        Team Ontario West

Kick Returner          Mitchell Spence        Team Ontario East


Offense   Running Back  Tyler Varga  Team Ontario West

Defense  Defensive Back Steven McCaffery Team Alberta

Special Teams    Kicker    Sean Stenger  Team Saskatchewan

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