Stages of Group Development

During this stage there tends to be less resistance. The “class clown” knows his or her role and cracks jokes when appropriate. The rules have been tested, and the group tends to know the expectations of the Officials Developer. During tasks, participants may or may not stay on task, depending on the norms of the group.
The group is quite quiet and seems to do most of what the Officials Developer asks of them. A couple of participants have balked at answering questions in front of the group. During small group tasks, some of the groups may get off topic for a while. But overall, the group follows the rules the Officials Developer has set out. As an Officials Developer, you’re feeling really good about how things are going, and you expect this to be one of the best groups ever.
The expectations of the Officials Developer have been transformed into a set of norms for the group. Some of the small groups at this stage are extremely capable of focusing and producing high-quality learning. It takes little encouragement by the Officials Developer to
have these small groups tackle difficult tasks. Other small groups in this stage make half-hearted attempts at tasks and are annoyed and frustrated when the Officials Developer demands more of them.
Participants are starting to feel comfortable with the Officials Developer. They try to figure out where they fit in the group and what their role in the group is by challenging the Officials Developer and other members of the group. Attempts at humour occur quite often and may be at times inappropriate. Getting to know the other participants and making friends seem to be more important than learning.

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