Football Canada, AirKJax Communications announce e-sports national team

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By Mike Still 

The introduction of the Madden Canada Cup has made it possible for a national e-sports brand to be established, and along with it, an e-sports national team. With that in mind, Football Canada and AirKJax Communications are proud to announce Canadian Madden’s Finest (CMF), a squad consisting of six of the top-ranked players from the 2020 Madden Canada Cup.

These members, coached by KJ Kenemy from AirKjax Communications, will be competing for national pride in the upcoming 2020-21 Madden Championship Series. Events that are included in the series are the Madden NFL Club Championship, Football Canada + AirKJax North American Open, Football Canada + AirKjax Canadian Open, Football Canada’s 2021 Madden Canada Cup regional qualifiers and – if they qualify – the 2021 Madden Canada Cup. More details regarding the process will be released later.

“I’ve been an active member in the Canadian tackle football and flag community, as well as a fanatic of the Madden NFL Football games for upwards of 31 years. In that regard, combining two of my biggest passions together has been an avid dream of mine.” Kenemy said.

“The people and players involved and surrounding this team are accomplished and committed.”

Along with Kenemy, CMF consists of Swolosimo (Anthony), QcPlayerQc (Louis), 6ixSational (Nick), Prolific (Ethan), RedRockett (Bryan), and Mr Shmelly (Camden), who’s the junior player for CMF.


Name : Anthony Colosimo
Twitch Handle:
Twitter Handle: @swolosimo

Anthony is a Top 100 Salary Cap Player, team captain and made it to the Gamersaloon $5000 Final 4 (Madden 20). He’s been playing Madden for eight years, beginning with Madden NFL 2007, and has showcased his talent all around the world. “My dad bought [Madden 2007] for me,” he said. “It was three dollars. That’s when it all began for me on the Wii.” His favourite player in Madden is Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill, because “you can’t beat 99 speed,” and his best attribute is being able to stop the pass.

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Name: Louis
Twitch Handle:
Twitter Handle: @QcplayerQc

Louis is a Top 15 Monthly Weekend League Player (Madden 21) and was the Bears Club runner up (Madden 20). He’s been playing madden for 12 years, and enjoys playing with the legendary Barry Sanders in ultimate team, because his playing style is “as a runner first and a passer second.” Louis’ best attribute is his offensive game. In the Madden Club Championship last year, he was ranked 22nd on offence out of 128 players.

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Name: Nick
Twitch Handle:
Twitter Handle: @6ixSational

Nick is a Top 50 Monthly Weekend League Player (Madden 21) and made it to the Buffalo Bills Club Final 4 (Madden 20). He’s been playing Madden for almost 13 years, and his favourite cover athlete is Michael Vick from Madden 2004, because “I’m usually a scrambling quarterback whenever I play.” He prides himself on getting pressure on the quarterback, and “making it difficult for people to make reads on the field.”

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Name: Ethan Jones
Twitch Handle:
Twitter Handle: @CMF_Prolific

Ethan was the AIRKJAX+Football Canada Madden 20 Canadian Open Champion. His first year getting into the game was Madden 18. Ethan’s best attribute is his passing. “I’m a very offensive player,” he says. “I feel like I can score the ball with ease against anybody.”

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Name: Bryan
Twitch Handle:
Twitter Handle: @CMF_RedRockett

Bryan was a participant in the Top 100 Madden Classic (Madden 20). He’s been playing the game for 12 years. He started with Madden 2008 on the computer. Bryan prides himself on being a balanced gamer on both sides of the ball, but “my defence is a bit better than my offence.”

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Mr Shmelly

Name : Camden
Twitch Handle:
Twitter Handle: @Camden57741379

Camden is a 14-year-old rising star out of Ontario. Like Louis, his favourite player in ultimate team is Barry Sanders, and his favourite all-around player is Patrick Mahomes “because he can throw the ball perfectly anywhere around the field.” Cam’s best attribute is his run game. “I do online head-to-head a lot and not a lot of people stop my run game.”

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