Football Canada introduces the newest members of Athlete Council

by Braydon Stachel

OTTAWA – Football Canada is pleased to introduce the newest members of its Athlete Council, who will play pivotal roles in shaping the future of football in the country. The council members, representing diverse voices and perspectives within the football community, have been appointed to terms ranging from one to two years. 

The main role of the Council is to act in the interest of athletes under the Football Canada banner with a focus on high-performance and National team athletes and the pathways of development that support their success. 

These dedicated individuals have all represented Canada internationally in the past four years and will contribute their expertise and passion to enhance the athlete experience and advocate for the needs of football athletes across Canada: 

Name Hometown Position on Council Team Canada Experience 
Laurence Pontbriand Montreal, QC Chair of the Athlete’s Council (2-year term) Women’s Tackle 2013, 2017 & 2022 Women’s Flag 2024 
Alyssa Funk Hague, SK Vice-Chair (2-year term) Women’s Tackle 2017 & 2022 
Emilie P. Bélanger Laval, QC Council Member – Tackle Football (2-year term) Women’s Tackle 2013, 2017 & 2022 
Mathilde Renaud Montreal, QC Council Member – Flag Football (2-year term) Women’s Flag 2022-2023 
Guillaume Beland Montreal, QC Council Member – Any discipline (1-year Term) Men’s Flag 2022-2023 
Noémie Olmand Ville Saint-Laurent, QC Council Member – Any discipline (1-year Term) Women’s Flag 2022-2023 

The Athlete Council plays a crucial role in representing the interests of athletes and advocating for their needs within Football Canada. Through collaboration and engagement, the council works to enhance the athlete experience and promote the growth of football at all levels. 
Katie Miyazaki, Athlete & Coach Development Lead; “Football Canada is thrilled to have its first-ever Athletes Council, empowering athletes with a dedicated platform to influence decision-making that prioritizes their needs. The six individuals that were elected by their peers are going to ensure that we continue to make positive changes and that decisions are athlete-centred” 

We look forward to working closely with the Athlete Council to advance our shared goals and priorities. Together, we will continue to build a strong and vibrant football community across Canada. 

For more information on the Athlete Council, head to

For all inquiries: 
Katie Miyazaki 
Athlete & Coach Development Lead 
[email protected] 

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