Football Canada Launches Comprehensive Policy to Uphold Sport Integrity

by Jamie Geisler

OTTAWA & VANCOUVER – Football Canada has officially introduced a groundbreaking Policy on Competition Manipulation and Match Fixing, reinforcing its commitment to the integrity of football at all levels of the sport. This new initiative aligns with the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) and sets a precedent for proactive measures against corrupt practices within the sport.

The policy applies to all Football Canada participants, including athletes, coaches, referees, and officials, upholding stringent prohibitions against all forms of competition manipulation, match-fixing, and illicit betting.

“We must be prepared to manage and educate our team about competition integrity as Team Canada gears up for the multisport games and our eventual target of the LA ’28 Olympic Summer Games,” stated Jim Mullin, President of Football Canada.

“This reinforces our adherence to IFAF policy, which applies to all international competitors, and acknowledges the growth of gambling options that are regulated domestically and unregulated internationally, as well as the possible influence of sports betting on our competitions,” added Mullin.


Zero Tolerance: Any involvement in manipulating competitions or betting on matches by participants is strictly forbidden.

Obligations for Fair Play: Participants must compete honestly and report any suspicious activity.

Active Monitoring: Team Canada will be under vigilant observation, especially during international competitions, to ensure fairness and detect irregularities.

Anonymous Reporting: A whistle-blower system will be established for individuals to report concerns without fear of retribution.

Strict Disciplinary Actions: Any violation will result in solid disciplinary measures, potentially including suspension, lifetime bans, and legal action.

Education Programs: National team members will receive education on the risks and prevention of competition manipulation.

Collaborative Efforts: Football Canada will work alongside law enforcement, sporting bodies, and betting regulators to safeguard the sport’s integrity.

This comprehensive policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to counter new threats and ensure it remains at the forefront of integrity in sports.

Through this policy, Football Canada pledges to maintain the highest standards of integrity, ensuring that the spirit of competition remains pure and that the sport continues to be a source of national pride and enjoyment for all.

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Jim Mullin


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