Football Canada Welcomes Celestine Chartier to the Board of Directors

by Jamie Geisler

OTTAWA & MONTREAL – Football Canada is delighted to announce the appointment of Celestine Chartier to its Board of Directors for the term concluding in 2025. Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Celestine is a prominent figure in flag football, currently serving as the defensive coordinator for the Vieux-Montreal Spartiates. Her strategic expertise and leadership have been instrumental in bolstering the team’s defense.

Celestine’s influence in flag football extends beyond coaching; she is a seasoned player and captain for both coed and women’s teams, with over ten years of participation in various leagues. Her appointment to the Board of Directors is a testament to her extensive experience and dedication to the sport.

In addition to her athletic endeavors, Celestine is a litigation lawyer with a strong educational background, including a diploma in Business and Administration. Her multifaceted expertise is further exemplified by her experience on various boards, where she has been an advocate for the advancement of women in professional settings.

“The timing could not be better for our organization to have Celestine join us in our effort to grow football across the country and ready Team Canada for expanded international competition starting in 2024,” Football Canada president Jim Mullin said.

“With ongoing policy changes for amateur sport, we will rely on Celestine’s legal background to navigate our path forward,” Mullin said.

As Ms. Chartier begins her term with Football Canada, her diverse skill set and passion for the sport are expected to bring valuable insights and advancements to the organization, further enriching Canada’s flag football community.

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