Making Head Way in Football now offered for free

by admin

Football Canada in partnership with the Coaching Association of Canada is proud to announce that the award winning e-learning module, Making Head Way in Football will now be offered free of charge.

This football specific NCCP Professional Development module covers:  what to do to prevent concussions, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, what to do when you suspect an athlete has a concussion, and how to ensure athletes return to play safely.

The module can be taken through’s database The Locker. To begin, you will require an NCCP#. If you have never taken an NCCP course and need an NCCP# one can be created upon registration with The Locker.

The module takes approximately 60-90 minute to complete. Once completed the module will be recorded on your coaching transcript as professional development.

Players and parents are also encouraged to take the e-learning module to help increase their knowledge and awareness.

Click here to visit the module (be sure to click on football and then sign-in):

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