Men’s world national team to take field for first time since 2011

by Jamie Geisler

OTTAWA and VANCOUVER – In a pivotal moment for Canadian sports, Football Canada, in collaboration with the TC International Football Team Society, has proudly announced the Canadian men’s national tackle team’s return to the IFAF 2025 world senior men’s championship. The event, set to take place in Germany, will see the Canadian team re-enter the fray of international competition for the first time since their silver medal victory in Austria in 2011.

The revival of the team comes after a strategic partnership and over two years of meticulous planning, which Football Canada President Jim Mullin describes as an essential step for a country where the sport has its origins. He shared his enthusiasm, stating, “The founding nation of football, Canada, has been absent from the world men’s championship for far too long. Our return is a proud moment that aligns with our Strategic Plan’s objectives and reinforces our presence in international football.”

Daniel Woloshin, the dedicated President of the TC International Football Team Society, which will be backing the Canadian Men’s National Tackle Football team, conveyed his excitement about leading the charge back into the global arena. “I am thrilled to spearhead Canada’s return to the IFAF World Championships,” Woloshin expressed. “Our athletes and organizations are among the world’s best, and it’s time we demonstrate this by competing for the global title once again.”

Echoing these sentiments, TC International Football Team Society’s General Manager Jesse Maddox highlighted the team’s commitment and the honor associated with representing Canada on the world stage. “Our group believes it’s high time for Canada to make a comeback at the IFAF Worlds,” Maddox mentioned, adding, “It is an honour, and we are hopeful for this journey towards the championship.”

The road to Germany begins with an all-important continental qualification game against Mexico slated for January 2025. The victor of this match will carry the banner for North America in the championship.

In an age emphasizing safety and compliance in sports, Football Canada will work closely with this group to ensure adherence to the highest standards, setting a precedent for all national teams.

This media release serves not only as an announcement of Canada’s return to the world stage but also as a call to rally behind the national team as they embark on this journey. Football Canada will provide support to this group in terms of planning, uniforms, and equipment. However, through the Society’s business plan, the team will be self-funded.

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