by Jamie Geisler

OTTAWA, ON – Football Canada proudly announces the appointment of Ron Hilaire as the head coach for Team Canada II, the nation’s additional representative in the upcoming IFAF World Junior Championships. Hilaire brings an exceptional track record from RSEQ and NCAA to lead the fifth-seeded squad.

” Words cannot describe the honour it is for me to represent my country as the Head Football Coach of Team Canada II. I remember playing in this tournament in the early 2000’s and it was an amazing experience, it’s truly a full circle moment for me now having the opportunity to lead these young men in competition.,” expressed Hilaire.

With Hilaire’s selection, the following agenda is to assemble a robust coaching team to support the national squad’s quest for success.

“I am looking forward to working with a diverse group of coaches from across the country and striving to give these young players representing Canada a great experience,” Hilaire said.

A Laval, Que., native, Hilaire has a diverse coaching background, including his tenure as the 21st head coach of the McGill Redbirds of the RSEQ from 2015-23. His time at McGill included being defensive coordinator and interim co-head coach in 2014, in addition to several years with the Montreal Carabins, where his expertise in recruitment shone. He spent his foundational coaching years cultivating talent at CEGEP Collège du Vieux Montreal.

Interim – Director of Sport, Joey Swarbrick believes that the squad led by Hilaire will be as competitive as any during the tournament in Edmonton.

“Coach Hilarie’s experience and leadership are a perfect fit for Team Canada II,” Swarbrick said. “His extensive coaching background made him the ideal candidate for this role, and we are excited for the opportunities this provides to additional Canadian athleletes”

Hilaire’s depth of experience extends beyond national borders, having led team Quebec since 2012 and contributed to Canada’s triumph in the U-18 World Championships in Arlington, Texas, in 2013 and 2014.

Before starting his coaching career, Hilaire was a standout defensive lineman in the NCAA with the University of New York at Buffalo. He led the Bulls to a MAC championship in 2008 as a co-captain. His collegiate achievements were preceded by a distinguished stint at Collège du Vieux Montréal, where he earned numerous accolades, including the league’s Defensive Player of the Year award in 2003.

A three-time representative for Canada internationally and a twice-captain, Hilaire has always exemplified leadership and excellence in the field. His legacy includes early successes with the Mont St. Louis Kodiaks, Vimont-Auteuil Patriotes, and Laval-North Vikings, showcasing his lifelong commitment and contribution to the sport.

The team faces a formidable challenge right from the outset as they confront the European champion, Austria, on June 22 at Clarke Stadium. Victory in this opening match is the only path to advancing to the medal rounds.

Team Canada II’s participation became essential after Mexico, the runner-up from the 2018 World Juniors, defaulted on their entry fee. Football Canada’s proactive approach ensured the championship would proceed with a complete roster of eight teams.

“As disappointed as we are that there isn’t a path for Mexican athletes to get back to the final, we are thrilled we can showcase another 50 of Canada’s athletes on their home stage,” said Football Canada President Jim Mullin.

Team Canada II looks forward to Hilaire’s leadership in the IFAF World Junior Championships, as he embodies the spirit and skill that define Canadian football excellence.

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