Royal Retros Delivers Fan Gear for Football Canada Supporters

by Braydon Stachel

Vancouver, BC, and Beaverton, OR – For the first time, our Canadian football community can dress like members of Team Canada. In partnership with Oregon-based Royal Retros, Football Canada has launched a merchandise line celebrating both Team Canada’s participation in the World Junior Football Championship in Edmonton from June 20-30 and the history of our national teams dating back to the Second World War.

“While we’ve had suppliers work with us in the past, Football Canada has never had a licensing agreement like this,” said Football Canada President Jim Mullin. “Working with Royal Retros allows us to expose our brand with a company that has mastered online commerce with global reach.”

The Royal Retros Team Canada collection features jerseys from 1944, the 1978 and 1979 Can-Am Bowls, the first IFAF 2009 World Junior Team, the 2011 Senior Men’s Team, and this year’s 2024 uniform for the World Junior Championship. There is also a full retro collection of T-shirts featuring 1970s helmets and the original Canadian Rugby Union logo from the late 1940s. The CRU was the precursor to Football Canada, established in 1882.

Football Canada joins the Royal Retros family of partners which features the Arena Football League, United Football League, the NFL Academy and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Football Canada aims to have many of these fan-friendly souvenirs available at Edmonton’s World Junior Championship. Supporters can order jerseys, T-shirts, hats, toques, and other apparel today at

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