Public advisory: Tread with caution over all-star games and football camps

by FBC

Players and their families are reminded to exercise caution when receiving opportunities to attend all-star games, combines or football camps. The reminder comes after reports of issues surrounding an all-star event held in North Dakota.

Do your homework

Players (and guardians of players) who are recruited to attend camps or all-star games at home or abroad are asked to do their due diligence. These events can be positive experiences but must be closely examined. Be mindful that in many cases, these types of events are being run by for-profit organizations.

Recruits and their families are encouraged to ask questions, especially if something does not feel right or is unclear. Some questions include:

  • Is the event run by a reputable organization?
  • Is the organization sanctioned by your respective provincial football association?
  • Does the event, organization and/or team(s) have proper insurance?
  • Are accredited team trainers on staff/site?
  • Is the coaching staff accredited through the National Coaching Certification Program?
  • Does the coaching staff have Safe Contact training?
  • Has the coaching staff undergone a criminal records check?
  • What is included in the event’s fees? What is extra?

If you are unsure, follow-up with your provincial football association (see list) and in the case of national teams, contact Football Canada’s national office (see list).

Football Canada continues to work hard to promote high-performance opportunities for Canadian athletes and develop this great sport internationally.

Proceed with caution!

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