PurpleShift App to provide Athlete Development Data to Team Canada

by Football Canada


OTTAWA & CALGARY – Football Canada and PurpleShift are on the brink of transforming athlete evaluation and talent scouting through their renewed partnership. Crafted by CFL veteran and Calgary Stampeders linebacker Micah Awe, PurpleShift serves as a comprehensive athlete development app, enabling athletes to compare and display their skills on a local, national, and global scale.

In the last two years, Football Canada has worked in tandem with Awe, leveraging PurpleShift’s advanced technology to aid Football Ontario in their team selection process for national competitions. The app blends innovative features, such as the 40-yard dash, with accurate frame rate timing measurements. With the forthcoming IFAF World Championship for the U20 Men’s team in Edmonton, and Canada’s men’s and women’s flag teams setting their sights on a gold medal at the LA 28 Olympics, this tool is indispensable.

All athletes who will participate in Football Canada National Team Identification Camps will register and upload their athletic profile into the Purpleshift app. This step will become a key first piece in Football Canada’s future pathway to talent evaluation.

PurpleShift is set to alter the game for athletes aspiring to climb the ranks. The app presents scouts and recruiters with trustworthy data at their fingertips, reminiscent of a digital combine, bypassing geographical and logistical hurdles.

“Utilizing virtual solutions for tracking athlete progression in a vast nation like Canada is imperative in an increasingly competitive football landscape,” Football Canada president Jim Mullin said.

“Our coaching staff at the national level can pinpoint a community on a map and sift through the standout performers in combine tests, and measurables all from their mobile device. This potent tool is geared towards streamlining Football Canada’s talent identification process, conserving both time and resources. PurpleShift stands to reshape the game for our athletes and the entirety of Team Canada,” added Mullin.

Awe’s inspiration for PurpleShift is rooted in his deep comprehension of the obstacles athletes face. He champions the idea of making talent scouting accessible to all, ensuring that every athlete, regardless of their origin or background, has an equal opportunity to display their capabilities. Reflecting on his early days, when he was relegated to the “D-team” due to a biased ‘eye test’, to his subsequent professional triumphs, it’s evident the immense potential this app embodies.

“PurpleShift is designed for every aspiring athlete, presenting an opportunity to shine unhampered by any biases or misconceptions,” asserted Awe.

As the sports industry evolves, alliances like the one between Football Canada and PurpleShift are paving the way for a more inclusive, precise, and efficient talent scouting landscape.

Access PurpleShift by visiting https://purpleshiftlive.com/ or downloading the App.

For More Information:

Jim Mullin                                         

President, Football Canada                 

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Micah Awe

Founder, PurpleShift

E: [email protected]

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